About Us

Fipra  is represented in the Ukraine by Special Adviser James Wilson who advises businesses, organisations and individuals on regulatory policy in the country, as well as on business development, to take advantage of the European Union-Ukraine Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area.

We have experience of helping Ukrainian companies and organisations craft their international strategies, as well as assisting foreign companies manage their inward investment approaches within the different regions of Ukraine. Our core competence is in lobbying members of the Verkhovna Rada / Ukrainian Parliament and Ukrainian Government ministries, helping form and shape opinions with the top-level decision makers.

Our team comprises a talented mixture of six young professionals. Our consultants combine business, diplomatic, media and non-government organisation (NGO) experience, offering sectoral expertise in energy, transport, international trade in manufactured goods and services, steel, iron, chemicals, agriculture and agribusiness.

Our principal operational languages are Ukrainian, Russian, English, French, German and Chinese. We can also do media outreach to complement our core competences, when appropriate.

Our Location

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Office 104,
Kyiv School of Economics,
Ivana Mazepy Street 1,
Kyiv 01010