The Challenge

Providers of sustainable alternatives to a ‘Substance of Very High Concern’, which was undergoing Authorisation under REACH, wanted to accelerate their market access. They engaged FIPRA to help them navigate the highly-complex REACH Authorisation process, including in the interaction between applicant and alternative provider.

The FIPRA Approach

As a solution, FIPRA built an alliance of alternative providers, uniting stakeholders and assisting them in engaging with the key policy makers in the REACH process. FIPRA’s credibility as an interlocutor with influential potential allies such as NGOs allowed us to ensure the alliance’s messages were heard throughout the regulatory process.

The profile of the alliance was raised to the level of the relevant Commissioner, helping elevate the issue of sustainable chemical substitution to the forefront of EU chemical policy.

The Outcome

The REACH application for this specific chemical was granted a shorter Authorisation period than initially anticipated. This applied pressure on applicants to remove the chemical in question from the market sooner than planned, creating opportunities for the alliance members to enter the market earlier.