The Challenge

A long-term client needed an innovative approach for connecting with policymakers. This was to allow them to discuss the challenges of achieving a circular economy, including how they could bridge the gap between theory and practice through sustainable solutions. To deliver real progress towards circularity, policymakers and industry must work together to address these challenges.

The FIPRA Approach

Getting all the players around the same table was key. To achieve this, FIPRA organised a Circular Economy Mission outside Brussels, which brought together policymakers from the EU and national levels and allowed for a concentrated and productive discussion. This multi-stakeholder initiative allowed our client to align with EU interlocutors on matching the political ambitions of the circular economy with implementable commercial actions.

The Outcome

In addition to building political capital with key stakeholders, the Circular Economy Mission allowed our client to collaborate with regulators on the real-life challenges of meeting the EU’s sustainability goals and to feed into future policy priorities. This was particularly useful given the imminent new institutional period.