The Challenge

A vehicle glass and repair company asked FIPRA to help it to shape the debate on access to car data, specifically relating to ownership, privacy, security and liability. This was an area of growing interest, given the increasing deployment of connected and automated driving.

The FIPRA Approach

FIPRA undertook high-level intelligence-gathering on access to data on behalf of the client. We monitored discussions and activity in the European Commission, European Parliament, as well as Council officials and third parties active on the topic, reporting relevant findings and developments to the client.

Using these insights, we were then able to advise on when and with whom the client should engage, organising an engagement programme for them. FIPRA also developed support materials; position papers, meeting briefings and infographics, as well as advised them on which companies they should work with to help illustrate industry consensus. In addition, we organised a series of awareness-raising events during Council Presidencies and in the European Parliament.

The Outcome

The company is now recognised as an authority on access to connected car data by EU interlocutors. By accepting and hosting speaking opportunities at EU level, the company is now well-placed to influence policymaking at the point when a legislative proposal is tabled. The client sees gaining this ‘seat at the table’ as a positive result.