The Challenge

FIPRA has been tasked by a major Food and Drink exporter with undertaking a market analysis in four key European markets ahead of a potential market entry. The research findings and strategic recommendations aimed to inform the client’s upcoming Board Strategy Review.

The FIPRA Approach

To provide a compelling analysis based on local knowledge and expertise, FIPRA leveraged its extensive Network and worked closely with its partners across the geographies concerned. We established core teams in each market, devised and agreed on a methodology that would help us gather structured feedback, and conducted interviews with industry leaders, government officials, established competitors and market entrants, consumer groups, trade associations, as well as health practitioners and regulators, up and down the value chain. Working with our Special Advisors, we were able to bring key industry insights into the final report, providing the client with a compelling state of play of the market.

The Outcome

The final report proved to be invaluable insofar as it helped the client to better understand the operational environment they were looking to navigate, but more importantly it provided the client with the key facts and market insights that contributed to decision-making on their urgent business development ambitions. The report also included a number of strategic recommendations  – both in terms of policy and management – for the client to consider in order to adjust to the new realities of the market.