The Challenge

Preparing for the implementation of the GDPR posed a challenge for a number of our clients, across a range of sectors including technology, financial services and health. They approached FIPRA for advice in dealing with the demands of the transition.

The FIPRA Approach

We provided our clients with strategic advice on how best to engage with those policy makers and regulators responsible for GDPR implementation guidelines. This gave them the opportunity to explain to them the specific demands of their business models.

Subsequently, many of these clients asked us to help them factor in the key GDPR principles – such as accountability and privacy by design – into their strategy and daily operations by default.

The Outcome

The policy maker engagement allowed our clients to become part of some of the processes of elaborating GDPR compliance tools, ensuring that their sectors were properly visible during development. This allowed them to turn GDPR from a potential threat to their business into an opportunity by demonstrating their visible commitment to implementing GDPR and embracing the principles underpinning it.