Europe in 2021 aims to recover better, creating an economy that works for all, building a humane society and sustainable planet for the next generation.

Through the Covid19 pandemic, many of us turned to digital tools to keep our lives and economies afloat. Conferences and events became webinars, restaurants moved to online delivery, holidays were celebrated through screens for family members living abroad.

Some of these measures are temporary but others seem to be here to stay. If this is the case, what are the long-term effects of a more digital ‘new normal’, on our economies, societies, and on us as individuals?

In this webinar, we explore the opportunities of rapid digital transformation and its potential risks:

  • What is the effect of taking human social experiences online for an extended time? How does it change the way we interact with one another?
  • What happens when service delivery digitalizes? What is the effect on the service providers (eg, healthcare providers, small and medium businesses, governments)? How does it change consumer expectations into the future?
  • Lockdowns have taught us that we can live without consuming as much. Digital tools allowed us to continue our day-to-day while traveling or buying less. This is great for the planet but perhaps not the best for a stagnant economy. How do we balance sustainability and economic stimulus in the recovery?

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Aura Salla – Public Policy Director, Head of EU Affairs at Facebook.

Prof. Stefana Broadbent – Digital Anthropologist, Politecnico di Milano.

Dr. Stelios Kympouropoulos – Member of European Parliament.

Robert Madelin – Chairman FIPRA International


Jacki Davis, Brussels-based convenor and moderator


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