As the Slovene Presidency of the Council of the EU moves into position, there will be a heavy legislative agenda, some major symmetry — notably the COP26 in Glasgow — but also some national priorities.  

The policy areas generating interest so far are improving Europe’s resilience to crises and cyber-attacks, recovery and climate change. 

Questions to be discussed include:  

  • How should businesses plan for post-Covid recovery? 
  • What policies will help the EU build resilience and make itself future-proof? 
  • What trends do we see in digitalisation after Covid? 
  • How is the Green Deal going to affect EU regulation after the pandemic? 

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Jacki Davis – Brussels-based convenor and moderator


Dr. Zoran Stančič – Hors Classe Adviser, DG CNECT, European Commission

Violeta Bulc – previous European Commissioner for Transport

Mihael Cigler – CEO, MC Public Affairs / FIPRA Slovenia

Robert Madelin – Chairman, FIPRA International


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