With the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) now in effect, goods exporters are coming to terms with a raft of new trade barriers.

While adjustment to the new rules and systems continues, much about the future EU-UK trading relationship remains uncertain:

  • Will there be opportunities to address current trade frictions?
  • What risks and opportunities does regulatory divergence pose for specific sectors – and how likely is it?
  • In what circumstances could the Level Playing Field provisions, and possible tariffs, be invoked?
  • How might domestic political pressures impact on the evolving trade relationship?

This webinar, jointly hosted by FIPRA and Lexington Communications, will assess the risks and opportunities for EU and UK exporters in the months and years ahead.

Following opening perspectives from the UK (Mike Craven) and Brussels (Robert Madelin), Lucinda Creighton will moderate a Chatham House discussion and Q&A. Sectoral experts from FIPRA and Lexington will explore the outlook for, and respond to questions on, agri-food, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals.

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Mike Craven – Co-founder, Lexington Communications

Robert Madelin – Chairman, FIPRA International


Lucinda Creighton – Founder & CEO, Vulcan Consulting


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