FIPRA International is hosting its next weekly client call to assess the prospects for the German Presidency of the Council. 
We will be focusing on how the COVID19 shock has fed into German planning for the six months, and indeed into the work of the upcoming Trio of Germany, Portugal, Slovenia.

As is publicly known, Berlin is working fast to adjust its vision, and in parallel, the shifting priorities and timetable of the EU institutional pipeline will affect what gets done this side of Christmas. There were already great expectations for the sense of momentum and direction that would come from the German semester: prospects are inevitably less clear now. 

We aim to discuss:

  • How will the current crisis affect the German Presidency?
  • What impact has the current crisis had on the EU’s role in the world?
  • What are Germany’s plans for an economic recovery programme?

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FIPRA’s EU & International team provides expertise to help clients navigate the inner workings of EU institutions such as the Commission, Council, and Parliament.


Rainer Rudolph – DGAP, German Council on Foreign Relations.

Inga Karten – Miller & Meier Consulting, FIPRA Network Germany.


Jacki Davis, Brussels-based convenor and moderator.


Rahul Venkit
+32 (0)2 613 28 28

EU & International
We help our clients navigate the inner workings of EU institutions such as the Commission, Council and Parliament. We create a narrative to bridge from your culture and concerns, making your voice heard and perspective understood among key officials driving policy, regulation and resolutions. 

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