While the Covid19-induced economic downturn might bring good news to the climate by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the brutal destabilization of the oil and gas markets will have an impact on the world economy, investments, growth, and the creation of jobs.

We do not know when and how the Covid19 crisis will end. However, for many, the need for economic recovery could become a reason to delay further moves toward a low-carbon future. For others, this could be an opportunity to press on with re-envisioning the world economy to focus on sustainable development.

The webinar will be attended by representatives from the European institutions, industry, NGOs, think tanks and third parties.

Among the questions to be debated:

  • Are governments and industries prepared to face the enormous implications of the destabilization of energy markets and ensure stable and affordable energy while staying committed to the green agenda?
  • Will the oil and gas industries, their markets and their geopolitics ever be the same again?
  • Will the new realities lessen the appetite for renewable energy development in the future?

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Neil Atkinson – Head of Oil Industry and Markets, IEA

JB Renard – FIPRA Special Adviser Energy, former BP Head of Europe

HE Juan Prat y Coll – Special Adviser International Relations, FIPRA; former Director-General of the European Commission and Ambassador to NATO


Jacki Davis – Brussels-based convenor and moderator.


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