Our Digital and Tech group has advised leading e-commerce platforms, sharing-economy players and apps developers, along with other high-tech, media and telecommunications firms.

Some companies want to compete unhindered in highly regulated markets, overcoming rules or regulations that damage sales, hamper competition, or restrict movement of data, while others need to defend themselves against complaints. This can happen across markets, so we have coordinated one-stop shop government relations campaigns for innovative industries across Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America.

We also work with coalitions and trade groups on sector-wide issues, to assure that their perspectives are considered during the fashioning of legislation, guidelines, standards, procurement practices, and environmental and visa policies.

We have helped coalitions and companies file formal complaints over abuse of dominance by monopolistic operations, and then worked with regulators as they follow through.

We also have introduced digital companies to regulators and legislators, so that they can become known and their contributions to the community better understood.

To learn more about how our Digital and Tech group can support you, please contact Thaima Samman.