Our International Trade practice has advised and assisted clients across a wide range of trade issues, including bilateral free trade and investment agreements (FTAs), multilateral negotiations and the World Trade Organization (WTO), regulatory cooperation and anti-dumping cases.

Our trade and regulatory expertise lets us help clients successfully navigate complex trade issues. Client objectives in international trade cases may include assistance and advice on gaining market access through tariffs and quotas, services, overcoming technical barriers to trade, managing sanitary and phytosanitary measures and government procurement. They may seek resolutions on questions arising out of regulatory convergence, intellectual property rules, skills mobility, digital trade, trade facilitation and trade defence.

Trade issues are, by definition, international, complex and political. Our Fipra Special Advisers on international trade have a wealth of expertise on EU trade policy, the WTO, trade-related intellectual property rules and anti-dumping. We help clients better understand the legal framework and successfully work with national and international authorities.

We have helped clients build coalitions across the trade policy community. We also cooperate regularly with international organisations, consumer groups, academics and trade associations.

To learn more about how our International Trade team can support you, please contact Dirk Hudig.