Our Travel, Transport and Logistics (TTL) practice has existed since 2000. We have a demonstrable record of working closely and constructively with political and regulatory bodies, including local and national governments in more than 25 countries.

TTL clients past and present are in aviation, rail, road freight, maritime, cruising, express delivery services, and private for-hire transport. Our work also involves related environmental policies and issues, particularly with European Union institutions.

Clients may seek to resolve purely local issues that prevent them from offering a service or may desire a change in direction or detail for new international regulations. In some cases they want to be certain that they meet environmental and other regulatory requirements. Others seek representation in parts of the world where they lack staff or capacity, allowing us to handle emergent issues on their behalf.

Transport, Travel and Logistics issues tend to be international. Regulations vary according to the type of transport involved:  we work at the levels where rules are made and applied – local, national, and international, including the European Union.

The range and diversity of our clients in transportation industries allows us to identify patterns in the threats and opportunities companies face. Sometimes, the best way to address such issues is through alliances, we can create industry or issue-specific groups involving like-minded organisations.

Our lasting partnerships with clients is a testimony to our ability to generate a positive return on their investment in our work.

To learn more about how our TTL Practice can support you, please contact Hilary Hudson.