Erwin Dhondt  joins FIPRA as a Special Advisor for Health Security

We are pleased to announce that Erwin Dhondt has joined FIPRA as a Special Advisor for Health Security.

Brigadier General (Ret.) Erwin maintains excellent relations within the NATO medical community. Until 2022 he was the chairman of the ‘Emergency Medicine Panel’ & ‘Prehospital Care Improvement Task Force’ at the NATO Committee of the Chiefs of Military Medical Services and engaged in CBRN medical management. He was one of the driving forces behind NATO’s ‘COMEDS Futures Advisory Board’.

I’m very pleased to be included in the list of highly motivated and distinguished advisors, and eagerly looking forward to supporting the FIPRA team and its clients in all defence health and healthcare policy matters.

– Erwin Dhondt

Special Advisor Health Security and Defense

As the former director general of ‘Health & Well-being’ in the Belgian Defence Staff (2019-2021), Erwin acted as the advisor to the Belgian Chief of Defense on all health-related policies. In that position, he designed the national defence health policy in the battle against SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19.

Within the Belgian military he took positions as department head of the Military Emergency & Disaster Medical Services and assistant medical director of the Military Hospital Queen Astrid (Brussels) and director ‘Specialised Medical Support to Operations’ in the Staff of the Medical Component ‘Operational Command’.

We currently live in an era of unparalleled change, at the exciting crossroads of some cutting-edge (r-)evolutions that are in turn profoundly defining future Defence Health Services Support as an ever-important enabler of the fighting power and their military commanders.

– Erwin Dhondt

Special Advisor Health Security and Defense

A retired general of the Belgian Armed Forces Medical Corps, Erwin is a military medical doctor certified in emergency & disaster and intensive care medicine. Erwin has broad professional experience from working in peacetime as well as on the military battlefield (in theatres such as the Balkans, DRC and Lebanon).

Erwin has been holding various positions on health emergency and disaster resilience governance within the national public health services and the academic community. Today, Erwin chairs the annual DiMiMed international conference on military and disaster medicine ( 

A Belgian national based in Brussels, Erwin is fluent in Dutch, French and English.

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