About Us

Fipra is represented in Argentina by InfoMedia Consulting, a firm that provides political strategy services for companies. Our goal is to build reputation and power for our clients’ business. We do this through a comprehensive approach of public affairs and based on a deep understanding of the client’s strategy and business objective. We create a diagnosis from the regulatory issues together with political analysis, media, public opinion and institutional relations. Once completed, we design a strategy and action plan together with the client.

We operate in all industrial sectors, with hundreds of multinational clients and also important local companies based in the country. Many times they summon us because of a crisis, but we try to do a preventive work, monitoring daily all bills that enter our parliament (both federal and provincial legislatures) to provide early warnings to our customers. We understand that when actions are planned with time on our side, the possibilities of a more effective intervention are enhanced.

Our company was founded in 2005. Currently, more than 25 employees work and we serve around 40 clients simultaneously. We have deep knowledge in South American territory because we continually interact in cases with regional counterparts.

Our Location

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Av. Santa Fe 1752 piso 3°A
(C1060 ABQ) CABA - Argentina