About Us

Fipra Belgium known locally as Politics Matters advises organisations seeking to shape Belgium’s complex political decision-making process at federal, regional and local level. Our team has the expertise and experience to analyse positions taken by political parties and to frame business solutions with the objective of shaping policy decisions.

In addition to our expertise in Belgian public affairs, our team has provided consultancy services at the European and NATO levels for more than 10 years in a number of sectors, including healthcare, biotech, defence, security and energy efficiency. Fipra Belgium also has specific European public affairs knowledge on dual-use technology and permits, cross-border health threats, advanced therapy and stem cell legislation and waste management.

The Fipra Belgium team is led by Peter Tulkens. Peter has more than 15 years experience in lobbying Belgian and European politicians. He initiated the political agreements for the first waste take-back schemes in Belgium and created the first European industry platform representing European companies active in stem cell therapy and tissue re-engineering.

Our other consultants have extensive experience working within parliament, industry and business interest organisations. Our team operates fluently in Dutch (Flemish), French, English, German, Romanian, Spanish and Italian.

Our Location

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Rue de la Loi 227
1040 Brussels