About Us

Fipra Brazil, which is known locally as, JG Assis de Almeida & Associados is a law firm and public policy consultancy that helps clients with a range of needs. We advise clients on how to structure their projects to meet the specific needs of the local business and political environment. We also help with regulatory and policy implementation, and in resolving conflicts or deadlocks with partners or authorities.

The Fipra Brazil team consists of a dozen highly qualified professionals with complementary practices and a range of international backgrounds, including Brazil, France, Portugal, Canada and The Netherlands. They have an in-depth understanding of the Brazilian decision-making process at local, state and national levels. The team also offers relevant experience in the main sectors of the Brazilian economy, namely aviation, general transportation, energy, finance and pharmaceuticals.

Fipra Brazil also plays an active role in the regulatory activities of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) for the formulation and dissemination of international business standards.

Fipra Brazil is a member of Irelgov, the Brazilian Institute of Government Affairs, a think tank and professional organisation dedicated to improving professionalism and ethical standards of public affairs consultancy.

Our Location

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Av. Rio Branco, 109/21 andar
Rio de Janeiro