About Us

Fipra Bulgaria is one of the leading public affairs and management consultancies in the country. Specialising in government relations, strategic consulting, lobbying and project management, Fipra Bulgaria has established strong relationships with major political stakeholders, decision makers and regulatory bodies both inside Bulgaria and at European Union level.

The Fipra Bulgaria team consists of seven experts dedicated to advocating client interests. All members have in-depth experience in promoting regulatory initiatives, tracking policy decisions and assisting with inward investment projects. Our team has experience in business, parliament, ministries and media including a former parliamentary adviser, a former ministerial adviser, former civil servants and former journalists. The firm also works with an extensive network of trusted external consultants to meet the individual needs of each client.

The company has successfully implemented national and pan-European public affairs projects, worked actively on promoting legislative changes, elaborated strategic messaging to alter the perceptions of key decision makers and developed effective crisis management strategies for international clients. As part of an integrated public affairs and public relations services, Fipra Bulgaria also has in-house public relations experts providing media outreach and support.

Our Location

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55 Alexander Stamboliiski blvd.,
Sofia 1000