About Us

Fipra Denmark known locally as European Advisers is a founding member of Fipra, having joined the network in 2000. We provide strategic advice to both Danish and international companies and organisations. We help them navigate political and regulatory systems and processes, placing their issues on government agendas, engaging and building trust with core stakeholders and shaping the decision-making processes.

Our core expertise is in analysing and understanding the impact of societal and political affairs and developments. We combine these broader insights with our deep local knowledge and a wide network of contacts within politics, trade/industry, and administration. Fipra Denmark’s team members have worked in roles key to the political processes in Denmark and the European Union.

Fipra Denmark has extensive experience in government relations and in issues and crisis management. We have consulted for business clients, run a number of branch organisations and assisted national ministries and agencies in establishing international industry and research networks.

Fipra Denmark is skilled in coordinating with teams of lawyers and communications professionals within Denmark, as well as part of internationally coordinated activities and projects.

Our Location

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Ă…boulevard 7, 1. tv.
Copenhagen V