META Advisory Group

Our two founding partners both have strong government backgrounds, providing the company with an excellent public affairs profile. In addition, the agency is also a leading public relations firm, having been ranked the number one public relations firm in Estonia in 2015 by business daily Äripäev.

The FIPRA Estonia/META Advisory team consists of eight consultants, including two specialists in public affairs and lobbying. We serve clients in all major business sectors, providing services that include promoting regulatory initiatives, tracking policy areas, shaping decision-making processes, assisting with inward investment projects and advocating on behalf of client interests on specific issues.

Our team has a wide range of contacts, drawing on a network from its experience in politics, business and public service. META Advisory Group consultants have served as advisors to several prime ministers and other ministers, a number of secretaries-general and to policy officers of political parties, while one of our partners served as a Member of the Estonian Parliament.


FIPRA in Estonia
Estonia pst 9
10143 Tallinn

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