Influence Spain

FIPRA in Spain was founded in 1998. We offer integrated government affairs and lobbying strategies aimed at ensuring that our clients’ proposals and positions are successfully taken up and implemented by public institutions and civil society.

We base our strategies on the firm belief that the success or failure of a public affairs and/or lobbying program depends on the ability to deliver winning propositions that awaken the interest and support of relevant stakeholders.

We have worked with clients in virtually every sector of the economy, during five legislatures and with all of the political parties active in Spain.

We work on the premise of offering maximum flexibility to enable us to meet clients’ needs on any given project. Influence Spain maintains an extensive network of experts from relevant disciplines, including communications, journalism, politics and the highest levels of business.

Influence Spain is a member of the Company Forum of the Spanish Association of Public Affairs Professionals (Asociacion de Profesionales de las Relaciones Institucionales, APRI), and Fipra Spain´s partners are signatories to the Public Affairs Code of Conduct registered by APRI.


FIPRA in Spain
Palacio de Miraflores
Carrera de San Jerónimo, 15 - 2ª
28014 Spain

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