About Us

Fipra Germany, locally known as Concilius, is a leading agency for public affairs and government relations services in Germany. We develop tailor-made public sector strategies for our clients – ranging from small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to multinational companies – and offer them a comprehensive set of contact management, intelligence and communication services, as well as expert guidance and project management support.

We employ 40 full-time professionals in eight offices across Germany and Brussels. Thus, we are able to efficiently address the specific challenges of the German federal political system in order to analyze and shape political framework conditions.

We work closely with our board of more than 50 senior advisers, comprised of former high-ranking decision-makers from legislative and executive authorities, the diplomatic corps and the military. We advise clients from nearly every business sector, in particular the fields of healthcare, industry and technology, the automotive industry, energy, raw material and mining, consumer goods, trade, information technology and communications (ITC) and defence and homeland security.

We make use of our “Consensual Lobbying” method, developed in 2011. It guarantees the highest standards of compliance and integrity, along with customised approaches and a comprehensive strategy based on excellent practical and academic education and training. We believe in an approach with emphasises constructive compromise and consensus.

Our Location

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Charlottenstraße 24,
10117 Berlin