About Us

Fipra International’s value as a public affairs consultancy is built on the quality of our people. We have a network of senior advisers with highly relevant experience from business, government and political backgrounds.

In Europe, we operate on a hub and spoke model. The European institutions – the Council, Parliament and Commission – form the hub. The spokes are our links to the EU’s 28 capital cities, where you can find our Fipra advisers. Only Fipra can offer this level of locally connected political expertise in every EU member state.

Large firms increasingly seek a one-stop shop consultancy relationship. It is simpler to manage and brings consistency of messaging across international markets. Fipra consultants offer quality advice throughout the network.

Success in an increasingly specialised and complex policy environment requires the insight know that the aims are achievable. Defining objectives is important, but execution is critical. Fipra people can assist throughout the process.

Identifying and evaluating emerging issues is the essence of proactive public affairs. This is why our consultants engage with those think tanks and policy making fora where ideas are developed. This keeps Fipra at the cutting edge of policy areas such as healthcare, risk management, better regulation and the new economy.

Our Location

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Rue de la Loi 227
1040 Brussels