About Us

Fipra Italy locally known as Telos A&S, is a founding member of the Fipra network. We are an independent professional firm offering strategic advice and public affairs support.

We  tailor our services to our clients’ specific needs and objectives. Our core business is determining relevant decision-making processes and helping our clients play an active role. By promoting dialogue with institutions and stakeholders, we provide clients with the opportunity to present their expertise and promote their interests. We find the best available tools to shape the regulatory framework and assist our clients in addressing the key institutions. Our clients also receive a detailed qualitative analysis of current developments in Italian politics. This provides them with  insight into current affairs as well as reliable forecasts of how any given political development may affect the political, financial and economic stability of Italy.

The Fipra Italy team consists of seven highly motivated consultants with expertise in analysing political institutions and providing strategic advice, with a focus on government relations and lobbying.

Our major projects have included work within the maritime affairs sector, country risk assessment for foreign investors and assisting the Italian Presidency of the European Union with projects in healthcare and energy.

Our Location

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Palazzo Doria Pamphilj
Via del Plebiscito 107