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Fipra Japan, which is known locally as GR Japan, is a pioneer in professional government relations in Japan and is the largest public affairs company in the country. We offer a full range of public affairs services, including monitoring, stakeholder and issue mapping, intelligence and preparing professional advocacy resources. We pride ourselves in particular on our implementation of effective government outreach and public affairs campaigns.

Fipra Japan has a 50-strong bilingual team including former officials from the Ministries of Economy, Trade and Industry; Health, Labour and Welfare; Finance; and Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. Our offices are situated next to the National Diet. The team includes former policy secretaries to senior politicians from each of the major political parties as well as a former minister of Economy, Trade and Industry and a former minister of Internal Affairs and Coordination responsible for information and communications technology (ICT).

In addition to their government credentials, every member of the Fipra Japan team has experience in the private sector, something we view as essential to understanding our clients’ business needs.

Our clients include Japanese and overseas multinationals, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and industry associations. We offer particular expertise in the healthcare, energy, environment, ICT, transport and food sectors.





  • 政策動向ブリーフィング
  • ステークホルダー分析
  • 情報収集・分析
  • パブリック・アフェアーズの戦略作成
  • アウトリーチ活動
  • 提言作成のサポート
  • 政策モニタリング
  • マスコミ/報道対応

Fipraは、公共政策分野での豊富な経験を踏まえて制定した行動規範(Code of Conduct)に則り活動をしています。


Our Location

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Juzen Building 101
2-9-6 Nagatacho
100 0014