About Us

Fipra Lithuania provides a full range of public affairs, public relations and strategic business advice to corporations and associations. Already recognised by government officials for its professionalism, consistency and ability to identify innovative solutions, Fipra Lithuania is establishing itself as a leader in Lithuania’s nascent government relations and public affairs market.

Fipra Lithuania’s core team consists of three managers. They are closely supported by seven independent expert consultants in the fields of strategic planning, financial consultancy, legislation and lobbying, legal and regulatory matters. In addition, we can provide public relations services via our sister company, established in Lithuania more than 15 years ago, which has a strong blue-chip client list.

All the Fipra core and consultancy support team can call upon a background in governmental positions and external advisory services. Each member is experienced in tackling complex problems and identifying appropriate resolutions.

Fipra Lithuania has expertise in energy, transport, pharmaceuticals, endowment fund management, gaming, privatisation, taxation, information and communications technology and telecommunications policy. We also advise both national and municipal governments as well as non-governmental entities on developing new ideas and attracting foreign and local investment.

Our Location

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Šv. Ignoto g. 5,
LT-01144 Vilnius