About Us

Fipra Netherlands, known locally as Public Matters, advises organisations that are at the centre of the political and public arenas. We help organisations  address, create and manage issues, alter public perception and shape the process of decision-making.

Our core expertise is in analysing and interpreting external developments and framing internal positions, with the objective of lobbying target audiences and influencing public policy.

The Fipra Netherlands team consists of 15 experts in public affairs, lobbying and communications. Members of our team  have hands-on experience in parliament, companies, ministries or public interest groups, including a former government minister, a former adviser to a Member of the European Parliament and a former civil servant; we know government.. All our team are socially and/or politically active and are experienced campaigners.

Our consultants have expertise in the formal and informal decision-making processes at local, national and EU level, with in-depth knowledge of how to precisely time and shape messages to change the perceptions of decision makers. We also offer training and workshops for clients. Fipra Netherlands was the first Dutch independent firm to adopt a code of conduct.

Our Location

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Bezuidenhoutseweg 101
Den Haag
2594 AC
The Netherlands

Fipra Netherlands is strategically located in The Hague (governmental city of The Netherlands) next to the Ministry of Economic Affairs.