About Us

Fipra Romania, run by Danut Nicolae, offers comprehensive public affairs services in Romania, including tracking policy decisions, offering regulatory advice, promoting regulatory initiatives, assisting with inward investment projects and advocating client interest on specific issues. With an extensive network drawn from the political, business and public services spheres, Fipra Romania is an ideal choice for strategic consultancy, government relations, legal environment monitoring and networking.

Fipra Romania has extensive expertise with government relations having consulted for business clients from various sectors: energy, oil & gas, IT, financial services, telecommunications, transport, heavy industry, among others. Our core competencies include in-depth knowledge of the formal and informal decision-making process at national and European level and a good understanding of social and political developments which we consider essential in promoting our clients goals.

Fipra Romania adheres to the highest ethical standards required of the public affairs profession and is a supporter of transparency and disclosure.

Our Location

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37 Washington Street
District 1