About Us

Fipra is represented in Russia by a Special Adviser, Alexander Shelemekh. He advises local and international businesses on regulatory, legislative and other public policy challenges.  Alexander helps clients optimise their relations with relevant authorities and business associations to shape the decision-making process.

His expertise is based on many years of experience in government relations, public relations and strategic communications. Fipra Russia focuses on smart monitoring and analysis of legislative initiatives, brand protection and client advocacy towards executive bodies of power.

Alexander has a background in managing international non-government organisations (NGOs) in areas such as intellectual property protection and media, and servicing trans-national corporations in the food, beverage and aviation sectors. He also spent 12 years as an assistant to a member of parliament. Alexander has an in-depth knowledge and understanding of legislative processes in the Russian Federation.

For a number of years Alexander was a member of Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry IP Committee. Currently, he serves as an adviser and independent member of the board of a leading Russian confectionery producer. Alexander is also a member of the Union of Consumer Market Participants, a business association actively cooperating with the Eurasian Commission.

Our Location

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Millennium House
12 Trubnaya Street