About Us

Fipra Slovakia is a leading public affairs and government relations consultancy. We advise our clients on the most effective way to interpret, navigate, and influence decision-making processes at national and EU level. We help solve their problems, achieve their goals and protect their interests with tailor-made, creative and effective public affairs strategies.

Building on almost three decades of experience in government relations, public policy and strategic consulting, we provide a full spectrum of high-value services. These include coalition-building, political and economic advice, legislative and regulatory monitoring, stakeholder mapping and engagement and strategic communications.

Our team currently consists of seven experts in public affairs and government relations. All have held roles on various influential expert committees as well as being partners and founders of prestigious chambers and professional associations. Many have also acted as ministerial advisers, government envoys, regulators and on advisory committees of the Slovak Parliament and EU institutions.

All members of Fipra Slovakia have a deep understanding of formal and informal political and regulatory processes. We use this knowledge to craft effective messages to change the perceptions of relevant key decision-makers.

Our clients range from multinational corporations and global brand names to local and regional private entities, government bodies, embassies, trade associations and non-profit organisations. We are recognised for making clients and their interests our top priority and building deep, lasting relationships.

Our Location

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Štefanovičova 12
811 04
Slovak Republic