About Us

Fipra Turkey which is locally known as Fipra Iletisim, is a specialist public affairs/government relations consultancy. We advise our clients on how to manage challenges by creating a sympathetic regulatory environment by helping shape the political decision-making process. Our partners can draw on backgrounds ina wide range of business sectors in designing and implementing government relations programmes.

The Fipra Turkey team consists of four experts in public affairs, all with relevant experience in parliament, companies, ministries or public interest groups. Our members have extensive business networks and are known and respected both socially and politically in Turkey.

All our team understand the formal and informal decision-making processes at local and national level. They understand how to precisely time and shape messages that help change the perceptions of relevant decision makers.

Our Location

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Cavusbasi Cad. Yedek Reis Sok. No. 7/6
Kavacik, Beykoz,