Carles joined Fipra as a Special Adviser in June 2010.

Carles has vast experience in public policy. He was a Member of the Spanish Parliament (1980-1987), a Member of the European Parliament (1986-2004) and a Spanish Senator (2004-2008). Two major themes, the European Union and economic & monetary affairs, characterized his long political career. Today Carles is President of the Spanish Committee of the European League for Economic Cooperation (ELEC) whose Mediterranean Committee organizes high level conferences on the economic dimension of the EU’s Mediterranean policies. Carles is a patron of the Foundation of the Cercle de Economia, a well respected association of businessmen, politicians, journalists and professors. Carles is president of AXIS, Consultoria Europea, SL a consultancy firm established in Barcelona specialised in European Affairs.Carles has an MA in Industrial Economics from Sussex University and a PhD in Economics from Autonomous University of Barcelona. Carles is married, has two children and a granddaughter and speaks Catalan, Spanish, English and French.