Bjarne Håkon Hanssen

+47 21 04 62 00

Bjarne Håkon is a Senior Advisor at FIPRA Norway and is recognized as one of Norway’s leading political communicators. Bjarne Håkon has served in two governments and held Ministerial positions with departments of Health and Care Services, Labour and Social Inclusion, and Agriculture and Food. Bjarne Håkon has been a Member of Parliament for several periods and has served as Mayor of the County of Nord-Trondelag. Bjarne Håkon has been a member of the European Consultative Committee, the Standing Committee on Social Affairs, and the Standing Committee on Business and Industry. He has led major change processes, focusing on both internal and external aspects of communication, wherein systematic communication has built acceptance for significant change. Bjarne Håkon has extensive media experience and expertise in crisis management. Bjarne Håkon has four children, was born in Bangsund in 1962 and now lives in Levanger. Bjarne Håkon speaks English as well as his native Norwegian.