Erik Jonnaert

Erik Jonnaert


Erik Jonnaert is a Partner at FIPRA, having expanded his relationship from previously being Special Advisor for transport and mobility. 

Over the past three decades, Erik actively led communications and public affairs for Procter & Gamble in both Europe and Asia before moving to the automobile industry. He is a co-founder and board member of the New Mobility Foundation International and is currently in charge of the Mont Blanc Circle for Public Affairs.

As a former secretary-general of the European Automotive Industry Association and past chairman of the European Automotive & Telecom Alliance, Erik brings to bear his automotive industry experience and policy expertise as part of FIPRA’s Transport, Travel & Logistics Practice area.

Prior to joining FIPRA, Erik worked to shape policy as a special envoy on road safety for the International Automotive Industry Association OICA. He was chairman of the European Centre for Public Affairs (1998-2008) and is still active on the advisory group of the McKinsey Center for the Future of Mobility.

Erik is a law graduate from both the University of Ghent in Belgium and Harvard Law School in the US.


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