Florus Wijsenbeek

+31 70 3153 443

A founder member of the FIPRA Group, Florus Wijsenbeek founded and ran FIPRA Nederland BV from 2001 – 2006 when he became a Special Advisor to FIPRA International. Prior to becoming a public affairs consultant, he enjoyed a wide-ranging political career with both the Dutch and European Liberal parties. He was the first Secretary-General of the European Liberal Party (ELDR) from 1976-1982 and subsequently a Member of the European Parliament (MEP) from 1984-1999. As an MEP, he specialised in transport and legal affairs, and was the first Vice President of the Transport Committee as well as Chairman of the Rules, Credentials and Immunities Committee of the Parliament. Prior to this he held a variety of positions both at home and abroad, including member of the European Commission’s Legal Service from 1971-1972; and a member of the European Parliament’s Legal Service from 1982-1984. Florus is an advisor to FACE (the Federal Association of European Huntsmen) and a Member of the CIC (Conseil International des Chasse). He is author of numerous books in various languages on transport and institutional affairs and has also recently published three books on Lobbying, Experiencing Europe and Reflections of MEPs. He continues to be a member of party political panels on Transport and European Affairs, He is a retained advisor to the Dutch Ministry of Transport and Water Management. Florus advises his hometown authorities in The Hague and several other local-regional authorities on European affairs. After having graduated in Law at Leiden University Florus was a Fullbright Scholar in Political Science at UNC Chapel Hill and Harvard. Florus speaks Dutch, English, German and French.