Miguel Ángel Martínez

Co-founder and CEO, FIPRA Argentina
+5411 5238 5510

Miguel is co-founder and CEO of Infomedia-FIPRA Argentina and main responsible in its area of lobbying. He has significant experience in the food, mining, energy, real estate, pharmaceutical, health, security, and finance sectors, having assisted in regulatory issues at numerous and diverse global leadership companies. As an example: Coca Cola, Repsol, GSK, PwC, ReMax, Red Bull, FMC, Harley Davidson, Glencore, Securitas, Voith, etc. He studied Law at the Universidad de Buenos Aires and studied for his Masters in Corporate Communications at the Università della Santa Croce, Rome. He is Professor in the MBA of the Di Tella University of “Media Relations and Crisis Management”. Miguel speaks native Spanish and fluent English.

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