Governments, public sector entities and multinational corporations with an agile approach to public affairs capture more value and better influence policy and regulatory intervention across the EU and around the world.

Working with the FIPRA Network operating in more than 50 countries, our reach is truly global.

FIPRA assists clients in anticipating and managing change – be it policy-related, political, or regulatory. We provide expert knowledge, legislative insight, and regulatory expertise across an array of EU and international institutions to help understand what is driving the agenda in Brussels and beyond.

We provide clarity on the inner workings of the policy bodies of interest to you. We collaboratively design public affairs strategies to make your voice heard among key officials driving policy, regulation and resolutions.

We also offer strategic advice on global policy issues in UN and regional fora, covering global health, international trade, food and other pressing challenges.

Our suite of experts, many of whom have themselves walked the corridors of policy-making institutions, guide our clients in distilling clarity from a highly complex regulatory environment. Informed by high policy literacy and business acumen, our counsel helps you design tailored strategies to achieve desired policy outcomes.

An increasing number of governments, public sector entities and multinational corporations are being directly affected by policy, regulations and resolutions emanating from Europe. And the decade ahead will see hugely important issues advanced at global level, be that the redefinition of world trade and investment rules, climate or food systems. FIPRA acts as a bridge between global clients and EU institutions. We operate at the forefront of policy, regulatory and legislative developments, not only in Europe but also globally due to our FIPRA Network.

Robert Madelin
Robert Madelin
Head of EU & International Practice
+32 2 613 2828

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