The FIPRA Healthcare, Life Sciences & Wellbeing Practice has over 20 years of experience advising pharmaceutical and medical device companies, trade associations, patient organisations, NGOs and healthcare professionals on delivering policy change in the European Union and other regions.

Exciting scientific advances, innovation in digital health, the prioritisation of pandemic preparedness and healthcare system resilience are all challenging policy makers to rethink current policy priorities to improve health care delivery, population health, and health security. The European Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe has set an ambition to align patient access,  with reward for innovation, and health system sustainability. COVID-19 highlighted the need to meet the challenges of global access, delivering on the political call for strategic autonomy as well as addressing the complexities of global supply chains.      

FIPRA has extensive experience in facilitating collaboration and multi-stakeholder dialogue, supporting engagement with the EU institutions and agencies, as well as other relevant international organisations, such as the World Health Organization, the UN, and OECD.  We find common ground between stakeholders and propose sustainable solutions that align public and private interests.  

Our experienced team includes former policy makers, regulators, and politicians from national, European, and global institutions, bringing insights and helping build trusted partnerships. We work closely with our expert team of Special Advisors as well as our network partners globally, to provide you with local, national and regional insights and to deliver positive impact.

Case Studies

European Alliance for Transformative Therapies – TRANSFORM
Together for Rare Diseases (Together4RD)
Value of Health: Improving Outcomes 
RWE4Decisions and TRUST4RD – Use of real-world evidence to inform decisions
HIV Outcomes: Beyond Viral Suppression 


"I have worked with FIPRA on a number of multi-stakeholder initiatives and I have always been impressed by the thought leadership and impact they deliver. The team brings deep policy and political insights, and effectively builds consensus for the implementation of progressive and sustainable solutions. The recent OECD Ministerial reference is an effective testament to the quality of the work. "
Nikos Dedes, Chair of 'Positive Voice'
"No. 1 and category winner in Healthcare and No. 27 overall - Robert Madelin "
#EUInfluencer Awards - ZN and Euractiv

Our Practice Areas

Competition & Antitrust
Digital & Tech
EU & International
Food & Drink
Green Transition
Healthcare, Life Sciences & Wellbeing
Trade & Investment (including EU-UK)
Transport, Travel & Logistics