The shift away from multilateral trade rounds towards bilateral and plurilateral agreements has made the global trading system – including EU trade policy – more convoluted. Clients can benefit from help in navigating their way through this complex environment.

FIPRA’s International Trade & Brexit Team includes former senior trade officials and negotiators in Brussels, Washington DC and EU Member States, capable of advising clients on a wide range of issues.

These include negotiations of bilateral and regional preferential trade agreements, the development of EU negotiating mandates, the definition and preparation of negotiating strategies and proposals, complex customs issues and trade facilitation measures, regulatory cooperation as well as trade defence.

We also assist clients with regard to all aspects of the new commercial and operational environment preferential trade agreements bring about, help them build coalitions around specific issues, and ensure that their concerns are raised swiftly and effectively with the appropriate authorities.

As regards Brexit, the nature and structure of EU-UK future trade relations in the event of Brexit proceeding remain unresolved, and this continues to cause uncertainty and challenges to business. The FIPRA Brussels office works together with our London office to provide real-time intelligence and advise clients as the situation evolves.

Case Study

Assisting clients with customs regulatory procedures

Trade is in a turmoil. The relative apparent stability of the first decade of this century has been replaced with widespread uncertainty over the framework for global trade and productive investment. FIPRA helps clients to both ride out the current storm and to make their voice heard in shaping a more resilient future for innovation and enterprise.

Robert Madelin
Robert Madelin
Head of International Trade & Brexit Practice
+32 2 613 2828

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