The European Commission is engaged in a far-reaching review of EU trade policy, with potentially significant implications for business. The review seeks to strengthen the contribution of trade policy to other EU agendas, notably the European Green Deal and digital transition, and to outline an agenda for reform of the World Trade Organisation.

New trade rules are already under discussion, notably the carbon-border adjustment mechanism, and others are likely to follow – for example, to more effectively respond to unfair competition from third countries. With the onset of the Biden administration in the US, a new emphasis on transatlantic cooperation is likely, as is the need for recalibration in the EU’s approach to China.

FIPRA can help you to navigate this complex environment by providing strategic insight, intelligence and advice tailored to your business needs. Our team of senior advisers, alongside our global network, includes former trade negotiators from the EU, US and other major trading countries.

Brexit & EU-UK Relations

In parallel, the EU is embarking upon a new relationship with the United Kingdom on the basis of the Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA), which has now been provisionally applied.

While the TCA provides for continued tariff-free trade in goods, provided rules of origin requirements are met, it also means significant change for exporters used to operating with the UK inside the Single Market and Customs Union. The TCA can serve as a foundation for the future, and further negotiations may follow – in particular should the UK seek to improve upon the market access conditions now available.  

For further information on the Trade and Cooperation Agreement, please see our memo here.

FIPRA can assist clients in assessing and responding to the changed EU-UK trading environment, including opportunities to improve upon the terms provided by the Trade and Cooperation Agreement.

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