Young-so Kim
Network Member



Young-so joined Fipra Korea in Jan. 2015, rightly after retiring from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Jan. 2015.

He entered the Foreign Ministry in 1977 and worked more than 37 years as career diplomat. His last post was Korean Ambassador to Egypt until Dec. 2014. He also served at the Korean Embassy in Japan, Brazil and Singapore, and the Korean Representative Mission of International Organizations in Geneva, Switzerland. He was Korean Consul-General in Fukuoka in 2004~2007.

He studied at Waseda University and got Ph.D. at Kyushu University. During the period of 2007~2011, he experienced various activities such as adjunct professor at Yonsei University, special advisor for international affairs for the Governor of Gangwon Province, and (Vice-Minister level)Secretary-General of the North East Asia History Foundation.

He is also interested in the situations of the North East Asia(China, Japan and US) and the Korean Peninsula(North Korea and South Korea) pursuing an interface with future business.



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