For the first time during his presidency, Vladimir Putin on Nov 9 dismissed four members of Mikhail Mishustin’s cabinet:

  • Alexander Novak, Minister of Energy,
  • Yevgeny Ditrikh, Minister of Transport,
  • Vladimir Yakushev, Minister of Construction, Housing and Utilities, and
  • Dmitry Kobylkin, Minister for Natural Resources and the Environment.

Igor Artemiev, who has headed the Federal Antimonopoly Service since 2004, also left office on November 11.

Parliament’s role is transformed. Also, a format of “presidential government” is possible with the President and the Presidential Administration managing several areas or federal executive bodies in manual mode.

– Evgeny Roshkov

FIPRA Russia / Kesarev provides a brief overview of the reasons for these changes and their impact on the balance of power within the Government and the broader power groups in Russia.

Click here for the full memo. 

If you missed the initial memo on the appointment of the government in Russian at the beginning of this year you may find it here.

FIPRA Russia / Kesarev

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