In a series of informal roundtable discussions, specific topics under the umbrella of Circular Economy will be explored, bringing together a small group (max. 30 people) of EU policy makers, industry representatives, NGOs and experts.

The third event of the series, offers a deep dive into a specific value chain at the heart of the Circular Economy: plastics. Understanding that this material requires a tailored approach to circularity, the European Commission plans to issue a specific “Plastics Strategy” in the fourth quarter of 2017.

The Strategy will address the different challenges of plastics throughout the value chain, keeping in mind the entire life cycle of the product. Issues such as recyclability, the presence of hazardous substances in certain plastics and microplastics will be included.  With the goal of stimulating collective brainstorming about how best to match theory and practice within the Strategy, Fipra and Ecofys will host an informal roundtable that will be guided by questions such as:

  • How will different polymers, such as microplastics, be defined and addressed in the Strategy?
  • How will the Strategy interact with other policy instruments such as the 7th Environmental Action Programme and an EU Strategy for a non-toxic environment?
  • How can we bridge the gap between material resource efficiency, the use of polymers and the current lack of viable technologies for recycling?

This roundtable organised by Fipra and Ecofys is by invitation only – if you want to learn more, please contact