On their mission to fight climate change, heads of state will make a pit stop in Katowice, Poland to attend the Conference of the Parties to the UN Convention on Climate Change (COP24). With a long and bumpy ride ahead, politicians and policy-makers need industry, civil society and others to provide them with directions.

FIPRA organised The Hitchhiker’s Guide to COP24 to help third parties find their way to Katowice. FIPRA looked at the politics behind the scenes, translate the COP24 jargon to business reality and predict outcomes.

The following questions guided the discussion:

  • What to expect from COP24?
  • Why does third party involvement at COP24 matter to step up the climate agenda?
  • What can third parties do to support COP24, in particular through the Talanoa Dialogue?
  • What is the right regulatory environment for mobilising the required private climate investments as agreed under the Paris Agreement?