Our colleagues at Fipra Netherlands have been tracking the upcoming elections. Here is a summary of the upcoming events. For more information, contact bas.batelaan@fipra.com

When? What? What happens?
24 February Start election recess No parliamentary debates and start of campaigning period
15 March Election day Day of the elections
20 March Definitive results Election committee declares definitive results
23 March First day of new parliament Installation members of parliament
Election debate Parliament debates with the ‘informateur’ about election results and formation process. The ‘informateur’ tries to identify which parties could form a coalition.
Information phase Political parties negotiate about the formation of a new Cabinet, which could take at least 3-5 months.
Formation phase I A ‘formateur’ or possibly several ‘informateurs’ are assigned in order to lead the negotiation process towards a coalition agreement with main policies for the next 4 years.
Summer 2017? Formation phase II The ‘formateur’ forms a Cabinet and presents the new ministers and under-ministers to the monarch. The ‘formateur’ will probably become prime minister.