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We are FIPRA

We’re a team of solution finders, consensus builders, policy wonks, political navigators, debate shapers and policy movers. Our culture unites our diverse backgrounds and individual expertise behind a singular purpose: making an impact for clients.

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We believe the breadth of our offer is made stronger by the depth of expertise behind it. Our teams work across policy areas and issues, co-creating solutions with clients that build and preserve value, seize opportunities and solve problems in a world of change.

What we
stand for

Positive impact

We’re committed to making a positive impact for our clients and on public policy wherever we operate.

Doing what’s right

Transparent, ethical and honest work that’s done with inclusivity and respect is what’s right for us.

Pursuing excellence

We’re relentless in the pursuit of excellence for our clients. We never stop exploring what works and what’s next.

Learning for life

We seek out and nourish intellectual curiosity to help us discover new paths and explore innovative solutions.

Building consensus

We excel at bringing diverse stakeholders together in coalitions for impact.

The ultimate problem-solvers

We’re the kind of people who like to solve tough problems. The questions that keep our clients up at night are the ones that get us up in the morning. The thrill of finding a solution that makes an impact is the ultimate reward for us.

The FIPRA network

When you choose FIPRA, you get access to our global network built for impact. Network members are public affairs agencies with tried and tested records of achievement in their markets and reputations for excellence.

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We’re passionate about what’s next in politics and public policy, and driven by what we know works.
Erik Jonnaert
FIPRA Chairman
We’re strategic advisers to our clients who trust us to anticipate, plan, execute and secure their policy future.
Laura Batchelor
Managing Partner
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