At Fipra, we know that effective engagement with public affairs audiences needs to be carefully planned and executed. Politicians, public officials and regulators need to have good reasons to meet and to take into account any messages delivered to them. Finding the common ground – the ‘win-win’ between your objectives and the wider public interest – is the key to success.

Client Experience

Fipra has a history of building lasting client relationships, some dating from the foundation of the company. Knowing our clients well and understanding the context of your needs is essential to the way we work. Delivering effective, practical advice needs requires genuine insight into your objectives and your culture. New projects usually begin by developing an in-depth understanding of your issues, exploring potential scenarios and defining the best approach to achieving your goals.

Areas of Expertise

Fipra, like Governments, views policy and regulation in terms of sectors.  By mirroring this structure, we can understand the policy dynamics taking place both within and between those sectors, adding value to our client advice.

Each sector is subject to diverse influences: taxation, the economy, the environment, the social situation and public opinion. Companies need clear and consistent positions to be able to respond to each of these issues. This is why we place a strong emphasis on sectoral expertise and insight.

Across all sectors, we work closely with our clients to provide the overall policy and political context, identifying potential risks and opportunities and conducting stakeholder mapping. Where required, we develop core messaging and help with outreach to key audiences.

We also maintain relationships with sector-specific journalists and can organise on or off-the-record media briefings to bring your messages to the relevant audiences.

At an EU level, Fipra International organises its expertise into specific practices:

Public Affairs Services