Code of Conduct for FIPRA Professionals

We’ve developed a Code of Conduct that we’re proud to stand by. It’s not just an expression of how we work in public affairs, but also what we believe.

Our view of public affairs

Politicians, authorities, and regulators attempt to reconcile competing interests. The better they understand the issues, the better able they are to reconcile these interests, the better the reconciliation, the better the political process works to the benefit of all.

The task of each interest involved is to inform political decision-makers of the relevant issues and to persuade them to accept its judgement of the issues. To do so well, a given interest must be able to distil the nature of its issues and concerns and communicate them appropriately.

Our purpose in action

Our purpose is to make a positive impact in public affairs wherever we operate. To realise our purpose, we help clients put their case appropriately and effectively to policy makers and regulators. We carefully select and develop professionals who are expert in political and institutional processes, understand the nature of issues and concerns for clients, and the time and resource constraints on political and public institutions.

We believe any institution should welcome these activities because FIPRA consultants are a source of accurate and current information, who recognise different points of view and help to reconcile different interests.

What we expect of political institutions

We believe political institutions should facilitate the political process by:

  • ensuring reasonable access to those representing any interest, providing the nature of the interest is identified.
  • giving fair hearing to any interest, where the input is timely, relevant and courteous both to individuals and to the rules of the institution.
  • encouraging relations between governments and stakeholders, where it is based on high standards of research, analysis, presentation and knowledge of the political process.

How we conduct ourselves

  • We operate with honesty, accuracy and transparency.
  • We maintain the highest standards of accuracy and care in our research and knowledge provision.
  • We communicate based on facts, including interpreting and analysing events objectively.
  • We’re ready to identify ourselves by name and company when approaching any political or public institution.
  • We’re ready to identify the nature of the interest we represent.
  • We behave in a courteous manner, that is both morally and legally correct.
  • We act in the best interests of clients, respecting all legal and confidentiality requirements, whilst reconciling these interests to the greatest possible extent with the public interest.
  • We work within the rules of political institutions.
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