After 7 years and 35 rounds of intensive negotiations, the EU and China concluded in principle the negotiations for a Comprehensive Agreement on Investment (CAI). This webinar, co-hosted with the China Chamber of Commerce to the EU (CCCEU), seeks to explore potential of the CAI and address its geopolitical and business implications.

The discussions will focus on the effects of the CAI on EU-China trade and investment, and on its concrete benefits for businesses on both sides. Subjects to be discussed include:

  • How can the European Parliament and certain Member States influence the deal?  
  • What implications will the CAI have on EU-China bilateral relations, especially trade and investment? 
  • Is the CAI in line with the EU’s effort to achieve an open strategic autonomy?  
  • What concrete benefits will the CAI bring to businesses on both sides? 
  • How do European businesses view the deal?

Interpretation in English and Chinese will be provided during the webinar.

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Minister Xia Xiang – Head of the Economic and Commercial Office, Chinese Mission to the EU

Xu Haifeng – Chairman, China Chamber of Commerce to the EU

Maria Martin-Prat – Director of DG TRADE of the European Commission, Chief Negotiator of the CAI

Ignacio Herrero – Senior Executive Vice President, China Three Gorges (Europe & North America)

Chen Xin – Deputy Director-General, Institute of European Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Yuan Haiying  Founder, Yuan Associates / FIPRA China

Robert Madelin – former Director-General of DG CNECT of the European Commission, Chairman of FIPRA International


Jacki Davis, Brussels-based convenor and moderator


Rahul Venkit
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